Friday, December 31, 2010

Icing Sugar

The year is over. Basically. How crazy is that? What to look forward to in the new year: more bandwidth = no more going over and having snail internet! 

As usual, make clothes are from op shops. 
-Velvet dress - Cooranbong thrift store 
-Silk brown jacket - Hurstville St Vincents
-Sheer black shirt - Hurstvile St Vincents
-Checker black and white - Hurstville Salvos
-Satin block heels - Hurstville Salvos
-Jewellery - Penshurst thrift store

The paper bowlers hat was from Sportgirl and the velvet stockings from Dangerfield. Lace socks were from this hosiery store on Forest Rd, Hurstville. Also, I found these cute moon and star nail stickers and had to share them with you as I adore them so.

2011. Wow.

Ima make a cake and eat it with friends. I really recommend cake.

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry sithmas

I decided to celebrate Sithmas with a collection of festive posts from tumblr. I hope you enjoy. Joking, I don't care. I just want to destroy the republic and control an empire by electrocuting people and choking people to death.

Merry Sithmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

unaltered state

I saw Tron: Legacy again today but at imax. It was so worth it. 

Anyway, above I have more things that I'm working on. I'm particularly fond of the lace pants but I don't think they look that nice on me. I don't think I'll be altering them but I will be selling them. 

What is everyone doing for christmas? Fun things I hope. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I decided I needed to do a tribute post to Tron. I saw Tron: Legacy yesterday because I loved Tron [1982]. It was really great, visually stunning and Daft Punk's soundtrack worked perfectly with it. It immediately was in my top five films from this year.. if not topping it. 

I feel that it stayed true to Tron's roots of visually explaining advancements in technology and rebellion; breaking the 'perfect' system. I was pleased to see the acting wasn't too bad. Not amazing. But epic futuristic films don't really focus on the acting and for good reason. I hope to one day have a LED jumpsuit like this. I really do. 

Tron is amazing; back in 1982 and 2010. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


Chilean photographer Jonathan Jacobsen has quite an extensive portfolio of some spectacular work. Above are a few of my favourite things he has done. All his shoots are extremely well-thought out. What always stands out are his use of vibrant colours, and out-of-body experiences in seemingly different universes, or at least some where we haven't been yet - and he takes us there.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Here we have London-based, Lebanese designer, Ziad Ghanem. The top three images are of Ziad's S/S 2008 collection. 

If you had asked me two years ago who my favourite designers were I would have answered straight away- Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. However, since I have discovered Ziad Ghanem, a part of me could argue with myself that he is my favourite even above Vivienne and McQueen. 

Why? Well because Ziad works with recycled/reused fabrics, his printing is done with environmentally friendly materials and ethical working conditions. On top of this he works with models of every creed, colour, size, you name it. Every model he uses seems to be more of a character than rather a "blank canvas", they connect with the outfits and make them mean something. 

I'm not in anyway speaking down on Vivienne or McQueen. Because Vivienne's contributions to avant-garde fashion by means of punk culture in history is unquestioned and unbeatable. Not to mention her passion for the environment and sexual liberation. And McQueens work really were pieces of art and equally avant-garde in their own way. If anything, I feel Ziad is working his way into being considered on the same level as my two heros by moving avant-garde fashion into its next, most important phase; ethical fashion. I know ethical fashion has been awhile for quite some time but not in the way Ziad is creating it.  Because this is what I think:

The fashion industry can continue to create different versions of the same dresses, creating more and more waste. Or they start thinking creatively again by having to overcome the obstacles of ethical fashion, and there are plenty of obstacles. 

Okay, end rant. 

The other images are mine. The first of mine is of my sewing space in my room. I'm quite fond of it. Others are just maskness. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

exit strategy


 I am a sufferer of post exam trauma. To heal me I am going to, well, try and relax. But also get things done I have been wanting to get done. Obviously sewing is the main thing on the agenda. Scored some great fabric at the op shop, so I will put that to good use. In the mean time, today I have for you:

-vintage Kirsten DunstGive me a chance.... by natucyafailure to destroy by pauvrechaton, Alexander Mcqueen's fall 2003 collection, and a holga picture by yours truly. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

your love is the smallest doll

Todays style mash-up includes 90s uma, Gotham Chic Dr Harleen Quinzel by ambird, a regency dandy with his sweetheart, surrealism art by Vladimir Kush, a Russian painter and sculptor and some lovely shots of one of my favourite bands: Agent Ribbons.

I have to admit I'm not a huge Uma fan, but if she was still a bit more like this I might be swayed. 

Ambird is an american artist who works with watercolours, she makes intriguing characters that I always admire. *Isn't it funny how artists began to use water colouring again fashion designers began to make prints like water colour. 

Regency era is/has aways/will always be one of my favourite eras.. mainly due to Jane Austen and John Keats

Kush is amazing, no? Back to my Eastern European love without even realising it. Get it realising it? Surrealism? Haha. Kush's work really captivates the beauty and the imagination of the sea. I think I also have a real soft spot for finding out about artist, writers who lived through communism and still managed to make incredible work. I will probably have more posts about this some time or another. 

Agent Ribbons, are an american "victorian punk" band have been around for several years. I feel greatly deprived in not having seen them play live. Natalie Gordon and Lauren Hess both have such vibrant personalities; reckless in a cute, playful way. 

I was wondering if there was any way to link my mash-up and it has occurred to me that they are all linked to what I feel falls under the third-wave/possibly fourth-wave feminists [feel free to disagree]. I feel that what young women of today are doing is looking back and appreciating the strength, yet the delicacy, of our ancestors had in their day to day life. Fashion is such a huge part of women because it was one of the only freedoms women had in history. The love of the arts shine through all aspects of women in history. 

*This is why I will post pictures of art/anything else because everything in society inter-connects [just incase you were curious].