Friday, December 31, 2010

Icing Sugar

The year is over. Basically. How crazy is that? What to look forward to in the new year: more bandwidth = no more going over and having snail internet! 

As usual, make clothes are from op shops. 
-Velvet dress - Cooranbong thrift store 
-Silk brown jacket - Hurstville St Vincents
-Sheer black shirt - Hurstvile St Vincents
-Checker black and white - Hurstville Salvos
-Satin block heels - Hurstville Salvos
-Jewellery - Penshurst thrift store

The paper bowlers hat was from Sportgirl and the velvet stockings from Dangerfield. Lace socks were from this hosiery store on Forest Rd, Hurstville. Also, I found these cute moon and star nail stickers and had to share them with you as I adore them so.

2011. Wow.

Ima make a cake and eat it with friends. I really recommend cake.


  1. Happy New Year, lady! You look beautiful (as always) in those photos. Have an amazing 2011 and I will see you when I get back. Stay safe!

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