Thursday, December 16, 2010


Here we have London-based, Lebanese designer, Ziad Ghanem. The top three images are of Ziad's S/S 2008 collection. 

If you had asked me two years ago who my favourite designers were I would have answered straight away- Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. However, since I have discovered Ziad Ghanem, a part of me could argue with myself that he is my favourite even above Vivienne and McQueen. 

Why? Well because Ziad works with recycled/reused fabrics, his printing is done with environmentally friendly materials and ethical working conditions. On top of this he works with models of every creed, colour, size, you name it. Every model he uses seems to be more of a character than rather a "blank canvas", they connect with the outfits and make them mean something. 

I'm not in anyway speaking down on Vivienne or McQueen. Because Vivienne's contributions to avant-garde fashion by means of punk culture in history is unquestioned and unbeatable. Not to mention her passion for the environment and sexual liberation. And McQueens work really were pieces of art and equally avant-garde in their own way. If anything, I feel Ziad is working his way into being considered on the same level as my two heros by moving avant-garde fashion into its next, most important phase; ethical fashion. I know ethical fashion has been awhile for quite some time but not in the way Ziad is creating it.  Because this is what I think:

The fashion industry can continue to create different versions of the same dresses, creating more and more waste. Or they start thinking creatively again by having to overcome the obstacles of ethical fashion, and there are plenty of obstacles. 

Okay, end rant. 

The other images are mine. The first of mine is of my sewing space in my room. I'm quite fond of it. Others are just maskness. 

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