Tuesday, August 16, 2011

triple threat

Rodarte killing it again. Seriously loving this label. Nothing else to say.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lo-fi Markets

Hi Sydneyers! This Sunday I shall be at the Darlington Flea Markets [aka Lo-Fi Markets] for the first time. I'm going to be bringing along some dresses, tops, accessories, shoes, zines and some other nic-nacs if you'd like to come along. I'd love to say hello and its a pretty neat spot just to hang out, meet some nice people and maybe pick up a couple of spiffy pieces art, clothes, prints, etc. 
2pm till late, 383 Bourke St Surry Hills

Your presence would be most lovely. 

xx Penny.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the sun has fallen for the day


resurrection by koniksalami \\ Blossoms by RRosiEXD  \\ greenie by koniksalami \\ Fisheye tree by RRosiEXD \\ crow by koniksalami \\ Purple by RRosiEXD \\ If you ever come back by mollasse \\ Spring Captured in a Ball by sandflower1989 \\ Givenchy Fall 2011 Collection \\ 

The Bethlehums by 

perfectnoseclub \\


Where have I been?? I'm even asking myself that. It feels like no time has past at all but it has been almost two whole months! To be fair I have been carrying on quite a bit at myfrailthoughts. Well anyway I'm back, so lets get straight to it -

Many of the industry favourites are jumping on the 'sheerness' bandwagon. I was thinking of putting up a few of Chanels but on second thought went with Givenchys, even though it is very... white. In my own opinion I felt like Chanels Fall 2011 Collection to be rather sloppy and gimmicky. And although I've never thought much of Karl Ledgerfields creativity I at least admired his concepts of structure and good design principals. 

Above I have featured works of Rosie [aka RRosiEXD] from the UK, koniksalami from Poland, mollasse from Turkey, Andreea Diana Gintaru [aka sandflower1989] from Romania, and Australia's own Mel Stringer [aka perfectnoseclub]. 

I guess winter kind of took a hold of me, not in a bad way just sort of wind-swept; I do love winter. Spring shall be returning soon which will be nice, its always nice to have flowers around. 

Sending my love in pink ribbons.

Penny xx

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Model Ming Xi (Ford) for magazine V Magazine #71, Summer 2011 by fashion photographer Nick Knight and hair by Petros Petrohilos.

Nick Knight  really impresses me. I'm a strong believer that it takes a lot of skill to do motion blur in a way that gets across the precise emotion/feel for the shoot. Plus if you have a look at his other work you'll see what I mean by impressive. In my own opinion, most notable, his work with Alexander McQueen for Devon in 1997. 

Now I think I'll go back to listening incessantly to 80's synth-pop - my preferred choice of background noise for the stillness of winter nights.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The work of Turkish photographer Nazif Topçuoğlu. He creates wonderful and slightly unnerving scenes with a great use of interesting angles.

Nazif says of his work "When employing the representations of youth as imagery, one has to deal with the issues of gender roles and male gaze. In these photographs, unlike the more common examples, a respectful stance towards the female has been taken. The subjectification of the female youth as a gender-free ideal, inevitably involves her intelligence, beauty, energy, and struggle as the major concerns of this work."

I really love photography like this that make people the main visual point by placing them like you would a vase or fruit. In doing gives us a certain insight into the subjects, because the photographs are so interesting. 

And really, tweed, pleated skirts and socks with school shoes are so fun.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

unwanted dreams


41 by 

complejo \\ New Ice Age by little-bit-louder \\NYMPHET by DonaRita \\ red eye by BornTooSlow \\ Unknown \\ Rodarte for TWIN magazine SS11 \\

Rodarte killing it again. Seriously liking this label. Complejo and Dona Rita both being great photographers. I've already featured Rita's work last year and Complejo is a Spanish photographer who's work I will probably do a post on as his werk is fantastical as well. 

What a pretty, bland day it is today. Fierce mild.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapture; end [of] times

None of us got chosen by Jesus? What a shame.

Sailor Moon Remix \\ CDG by Annie Leibovitz 1997 \\ Scarlett Johansson for W magazine June 2011 by Tim Walker\\  Universe Eye Art \\  Ana Locking Fall-Winter Collection 2011 \\

Fantastic fotographer Tim Walker did a shoot for W featuring Miss Johansson and quite lovely I think you will agree. Mr Walker is a really talented bloke; mixing in fashion and landscape meets crazy fun. Get acquainted.

Out of Ana Locking's new co-llection I would say the pink/red number to be my favourite. If you glance for just a moment you almost think she has big spiky shoulders.