Monday, January 31, 2011

Garden Frenzy

As promised - my Garden Frenzy photo shoot with Miss Sas. It was a really fun day. When we were uploading the pictures onto my computer we realised how fun it was to speed through the ones with us both so instead of watching a movie last night I decided to make a short, stop motion film of it and put some creative commons music to accompany it - so obviously first and best thought was Girl Talk. I was trying to add the video straight to this post however because Google's idea of "sharing the internet" involves them owning everything and anything they don't own, they make incompatible - I will have to link you to it. It only goes for 12 seconds and really, many more seconds get wasted in our lifetime so you should check it out! Garden Frenzy Vs Girl Talk

The ones with us together were fun to shoot involving much giggling and slipping on the pink fabric as it was on a slight hill in my backyard, and would have to rush once the timer was set. 

Sas and yours truly have decided to make another one most likely next weekend but I'm hoping to make it standard song length so it will take longer but I really enjoy it so its more than worth it. 

A big thanks to Selma for being such a beautiful and wonderful friend!

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