Monday, January 24, 2011

rushed minds

Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill \\ Bikini Kill performing \\ Russian Poster \\ "No place for virgins" \\ Crystal Renn in 2011 German Vogue \\ Crystal Renn in Australia's Harpers Bazaar 2009 \\ Sailor Moon excerp \\ cartoon \\

I hate how people are giving Crystal Renn a hard time. Okay yes, she has lost a lot of weight and is no longer a "plus size model" but all along she has been saying that there shouldn't be such a thing as "plus size models" there should just be models. She is amazing no matter what size and is a fantastic model. It is her body therefore it is her right to decide her lifestyle which impacts on her body.

I would probably change the Sailor Moon quote to "People who judge others only on their appearances are scumbags" but as it stands I guess it can still apply to many cases.

I've been pretty outgoing lately hence the lack of posts [I will rectify this, promise]. I wore this outfit on Saturday and I enjoyed putting it together because it was one of those days where you're doing more than one activity and what your wearing needs to apply to both. On this particular day I went to the beach and then to Power Plant at the Chinese Gardens for the Sydney Festival. It was perfect because when it became night time, itcooled down and there was a breeze and my pink sheer skirt is perfect for that and the gardens were all eery from the art installations. It was a really lovely day.

P.S. How awesome is my cat shirt!
P.P.S. Kathleen Hanna is one of the most awesome people of all time. Yes.

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  1. Looove the outfits!!! And the cat shirt, IS awesome!!! Where do you find such great posters???