Friday, January 7, 2011

she's got me going up and down

I was going to post some recent photos but it seems in a sickness/sleep deprived stupor I have misplaced my camera *update* I just found it but I've already put this post together so it's going to stay how it is. Australia's "summer" isn't really summer-y. It should be at the peak of it's summer-ness but it's feeling a lot more like February or early March. Only one thing can explain this, the dead fallen birds, the dead washed-up fish and the missing bees - the end of the world. I know, you're thinking "Penny thats a bit extreme" and my answer is well, yes you're probably right. So I'll blame that on the sleep deprivation as well.

Today we have ~ 

Abdul The Crow Comic by Teagle \\ two lovely Japanese girls from streetsofjapan \\ forget, focus and carry on by perfectnoseclub \\ cartoon strip \\ backstage 3.1 phillip lim spring 2011 collection \\ Liv Tyler in pastels \\ Melodie Monrose in 3.1 phillip lim spring 2011 collection


Teagle is a great artist and this comic made me laugh. Perfectnoseclub [aka Mel Stringer] is one of my favourite artists and I am sure I will post many more things of hers in time to come but for now this is her mantra for 2011 and I thought it was very sweet and relevant for most people. Phillip Lim is a Cambodian-American designer who launched his own label back in 2005. I love his work as I am a sucker for simple yet intricate designs. He doesn't overdue colours and uses patterns tastefully with embroidery. Melodie Monrose is a Martinique model who has only recently been casted by designers during their Spring collections. She stood out from the other models and not many models do, I hope she keeps getting cast in shows.

I've had Peaches by the Stranglers in my head for several days now.. at least it's a good song. I'm going to try and get a good nights sleep tonight and with any luck I'll wake up to a zombie chewing on my face as the apocalypse begins.

Liberation for women
Thats what I preach
Preacher man...

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