Monday, February 21, 2011

broken bits of leaving

Today for your viewing pleasure:

doe deer by Polish photographer Klaudia Nieboj \\ Weird Fishes by Mexican experimental photographer feraana \\ entity by American artist ambird \\ Enlightenment and Illumination by ambird \\ .the scarlet letter. by Hungarian photographer Niebl Mirella \\ two pieces from Rodarte AW11


Autumn is among us in small bouts, I am enjoying it. And yeah my friend Oriane and myself were playing with the crunchy leaves at Sydney Uni because well, why not? It was still pretty hot weather though and really this is why midriff outfits were invented! I bought this lovely maroon skirt from Hurstville op shop for either $1 or $2 but either way, totally cheap and I'm pretty in love with it as I wore it three days in a row [means love, I know].

Quite a few photographers this post. Mainly eastern europe, one from Mexico, they do really cute stuff and as usual posting my favourites.

Ambird is incredible as usual, and she has some of her prints available on tshirts at her etsy store pocket birds. I think she should make some more! 

Rodarte makes beautiful designs, my favourites are two pieces both featuring extra long coats that make you feel like you're in a Jane Austen novel and could go for hour long walks in fierce mild winds through England's green plains. The dresses however refined give it a slightly modern edge. And I am just so fond of that powder blue, yes!

Autumn means the return of my beloved layers and I will have to find a way to incorporate my sheerness without catching a cold- a challenge I'm willing to take.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i need cake, okay?


dollhouses by xisxisxis \\Vintage Audrey Tautou photographed by Denis Rouvre \\ Audrey Tautou in God is Great, I am Not \\  Teen Witch poster \\ School grrrls \\


I hope everyone had a pleasant valentines day. I spent it with my deer friend Selmish. We took photos, walked around the reserve, did some swinging time, then made pizza, watched Teen Witch and ate ice cream with choc chips and cashew nuts. It was hands down the best time I've ever had on a valentines day. 

I watched God is Great, I am Not the other day. The story wasn't that... great. But I loved the outfits Audrey Tautou wore in it which redeemed it for me. 

So obviously we took photos [I apologise for the amount of which I am doing stuupid things with my hands] and I'm going to make it into a stop motion but I think I'll keep adding to it and get even more to make it long enough for a song. I will let you know when it's up on vimeo.

We'll be taking even more photos on Saturday and I'll keep werking on what I have, but in the mean time - I am seeing Kate Nash tomorrow and I am so excited for it and I really don't care if people aren't a fan, I have always thought she was wonderful.

eat cake. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

spiders for dinner


Witch Ring  \\ Untitled 614 by ErosTurranos \\ Unicorn headband by MarĂ­a Videl INC. \\ Warpaint \\ Excerpt from Hocus Pocus \\ The Salem Martyr by Thomas Slatterwhite  of the Salem Witch Trials \\


Summer ended abruptly on Sunday after a blazing heat of over 40 degrees on Saturday. I went to Laneways on Sunday and saw the end of PVT, Jenny and Johnny, Beach House, Les Savy Fav, Warpaint, and Deerhunter. There  may of been bits of other bands thrown in. It was such a lovely day. The winds were blowing during Warpaint and it really couldn't have been more perfect. 

Today I did a bit of op shopping, because... well no reason really. I found a few nice sheer shirts and a tweed skirt to add to my, questionable too large collection. 

I made my lips black today, my dad said "have you been eating spiders?" I replied "no" and he said "you look like a witch", which I know he didn't mean as a compliment but that is exactly how I took it.

And the weather change means I can pull out my coats which have been hibernating. I feel very bad for neglecting them but it was too hot to even look at them. Maybe a tad too  early for them yet.

Its starting to really feel like another year - meaning planning, figuring out things, and getting my act together. Summer lulls you into a false sense of what life could be like if we didn't have responsibilities.

At least I have something stable to depend on - my wardrobe. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

lets swim to the ocean and stay there


Mermaid Lagoon by Scott Gustafson \\ Ocean Girl \\ Mermaid flipper toy \\ The Mermaid by Juju-Kuroki \\ Polly Pockets: The Sparkling Mermaid Adventure  \\ Alexander McQueen by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue \\  


It's way too hot.