Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i need cake, okay?


dollhouses by xisxisxis \\Vintage Audrey Tautou photographed by Denis Rouvre \\ Audrey Tautou in God is Great, I am Not \\  Teen Witch poster \\ School grrrls \\


I hope everyone had a pleasant valentines day. I spent it with my deer friend Selmish. We took photos, walked around the reserve, did some swinging time, then made pizza, watched Teen Witch and ate ice cream with choc chips and cashew nuts. It was hands down the best time I've ever had on a valentines day. 

I watched God is Great, I am Not the other day. The story wasn't that... great. But I loved the outfits Audrey Tautou wore in it which redeemed it for me. 

So obviously we took photos [I apologise for the amount of which I am doing stuupid things with my hands] and I'm going to make it into a stop motion but I think I'll keep adding to it and get even more to make it long enough for a song. I will let you know when it's up on vimeo.

We'll be taking even more photos on Saturday and I'll keep werking on what I have, but in the mean time - I am seeing Kate Nash tomorrow and I am so excited for it and I really don't care if people aren't a fan, I have always thought she was wonderful.

eat cake. 

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