Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleepy Foxes

So I've been a fan of Red Fox and her pal Sleepyfeet since way back in the days of myspace, old deviantart and self-loathing. I'm pretty certain they are both from Canberra but this is solely from memory because I can't seem to find such info online now. Maybe they will update again, maybe they have re-located online and I'm just too slack to hunt it down. Maybe they will turn up, I hope so. Both girls are very terrific.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

love from the monsters XXXO


M.I.A by 

JanitA \\ 
A/W 2011

rude boy by Mariah Jelena Kordzadze \\ 

Beauties and Beasts by Teagle \\ 

Vivienne Westwood A/W 2011  \\ 

 The von Goatsians. by reminisense \\ Wang Xiao  for Harper's Bazaar Russia, February 2011 \\


Givenchy's autumn/winter collection was, I have to admit, pretty amazing. It reminds me of M.I.A's XXXO video clip which was so rad. I think the only downer on this collection was the lack of diversity in their models. Personally, it made it a bit flat. And I think it would've added something really special to the richness of their designs. Such a shame. Moving on.

Vivienne Westwood's collection is awesome as usual. Didn't really expect anything else from her. The inspiration for the collection was The World Wide Woman. According to the show notes, her muse is a bastion of culture and a tower of strength. Givenchy could learn a thing or two from Vivienne Westwood in regards to selecting models but saying this - it still would have been nice to have seen some models varying in size. 

Teagle is a terrific artist from the UK who has just made two new zines which you can buy from his website jackteagle.

Hope you have a lovely day, 
love Penny xxxo

Sunday, March 6, 2011

By the power of three times three, make them see, make them see.

You may have been wondering why I had a bit of a lapse with posting. Well, the reason is I was galavanting around up the coast, with my deer friend Nicoleta. And when I say galavanting I mainly mean op shopping as their op shops are pretty amazing, the only downside was having to hull it all back to Sydney.

We started off at Toronto, and as all addictions go I walked into the op shop thinking I wasn't really going to buy anything and then half an hour later, I look down to see I'm carrying half the shop to try on. Oops. But in my defence everything is much better prices than Sydney. And I saw the most amazing creature - a forty something woman, with a bleached mullet and the best part... a circa 1993 Michael Jackson t-shirt! Seriously... I didn't want her to leave the shop, I was in awe.

The next day we went to Newcastle to Darby St and found this small op shop where I found a black velvet cape/jacket that I feel so wonderful in, its hard to describe. Also had a nice conversation with the lady who owned the shop, we talked about our mutual hate for invisible zippers. 

On Sunday we stopped at the Cooranbong op shop, which remains one of my favourite op shops of all time [they usually give out free bread]. A most successful trip. I won't go into specifics of what I got, but most of my finds are in the pictures above.

I also just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's been checking out all my posts, I'm still surprised to see the numbers rising and it makes me happy. So thankyou!

Note to self: you know you have too much velvet when you're in a rush and grab what you think is your black velvet jumper until you're out of the house realise its actually one of your black velvet dresses.

Friday, March 4, 2011

hair matters


Drowsy by camverdi \\ i-D magazine pre-spring 2011 \\ 

 Thakoon's hair for their fall 2011 collection \\ 

Marie Claire Italia March 2011 \\  'Puppet' - Numero Korea January 2009 \\


Liu Wen, Kirsi Pyrhonen and Jeneil Williams by photographer Josh Olins covered i-D's pre-spring 11 magazine and being the sucker for blunt hair cuts, I couldn't resist posting it. 

Now, I must get better at plaits and braiding. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

klothing kryptonite

Mandy Coon A/W 11 by Samantha Casolari for T Magazine \\ Carven A/W 11 \\ Dark psychedelic art by Christopher Cox \\ Chrysalis by martasmarta \\ Requiem  by Jonathan Jacobsen \\

Mandy Coon's A/W Collection this year is pretty cool, especially the hair and make-up. Carven's dark palette pulled me in, and also their pretty specs. 

I guess the main theme for this autumn/winter is dark, mysterious, magical - with some warm maroons thrown in for good measure. Nothing really that unexpected but still completely enjoyable.

Started my own turn-over to the colder seasons in my room today by sorting out shoes and clothes. Feeling a bit better about the organisation but still aware that I must cull a great majority of it. 

I blame my father for his hoarding gene. If I catch myself saying "but I'm sure I can use it for something one day" again I may need to slap myself.