Friday, April 29, 2011

Grunge Hill

Scan of TV magazine article on 'My So Called Life'/Angela Chase \\ Poster for Vancouver Slutwalk \\

I hope everyone had a lovely easter break. I did. I kind of lost track of time though. Felt like I needed to record some clothes and such wearings. Cold weather has made me happy so I've been wearing seattle grunge/london goth type outfits. As usual everything from op shops. Except my shoes. 

Anyway, I wanted to mention the slutwalks that have been happening around the world, sparked from a cop in Toronto publicly stated that “One of the safety tips was for women not to dress like ‘sluts.’", the slutwalk started in Toronto and has now spread across America, and even a few in the UK and Australia. One hasn't been organised for Sydney yet and I really wish someone would. I would love to partake in one as I strongly believe in wearing whatever the fuck you want, and does not equal "asking for it". So yeah, anyone interested should visit to find out more information - visit Satellites  to find out where Walks have been announced. And anyone in who is good at organising, and can see nothing has been organised for where you are from [Sydney people - hint hint] should contact to let them know you would like to be affiliated with Slutwalk, etc, etc. 

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