Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nocturnal mischief


As it gets colder my frame of mind changes slightly. Night time seems different; the colour more dense, but the air feels lighter. Sometimes I don't feel the cold. There is definitely an energy with the coolness and the howling winds. 

I'm finding a ridiculous amount of options with outfits and styles, I'm sure I would find it a bit overwhelming if I didn't relish it so. I may need to alter some of my jackets though, they are just a tad too big and I am all for looking silly but it can make wearing bags a little difficult when the shoulder pads don't fit into the allotted space. 

My room seems to be shrinking due to the mass of clothing increasing. Maybe its time to let go of some of it... 

But all I want to do is play in the eerie nights air.

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