Saturday, April 16, 2011

swing it, shake it, move it, make it


“DET STORE MIX” APRIL 2011 \\ Spice Girls \\ Franky from Skins \\ Creepers \\ Nathan Jenden Fall 2007 \\ Numéro Tokyo May 2011 \\ Vogue Nippon April 11' \\ Vogue Nippon June 11' \\  Prada spring 2011 \\ 


"Det Store Mix" caught my interest because I have always loved platform sneakers - I blame the Spice Girls for this. The April issue features model Alana Zimmer photographed by Hasse Nielsen

Platform sneakers crept into the fashion circuit quite awhile back with Creepers [evidence: Nathan Jenden's 2007 Fall collection] but is now sprouting into a full fledged love affair with the ankle twisting beauties as seen with DSM and Prada's Spring 2011 collection. And also with Franky wearing creepers almost all the time in the 5th series of Skins.

Love them or hate them, looks like they're making a come back. 


  1. Lovely log and great post! love the first few outfits very 80's will def be following to see more!xx