Sunday, May 15, 2011

blissful things


Secrets of Emerald Lake by yumenonikki \\ 

sky flowers by 

M0thsWings \\

hello summer by JaneJune \\ easter bitch 2 by Pookiman \\ Smile by DoraLovey \\ Pull & Bear Spring 2011 by Txema Yeste stills from the future \\ Chanel Resort 2012 \\ 


Time flies! I hope everything is well past internet land. Been into pretty things this past week. And surprisingly I liked a few of the garments from Chanel's Resort show. Really not liking the shoes though, don't know whats the deal with that. But maybe this has to do for my hatred of flip flops.

I'm not sure but this new indie film the future, it looks kinda silly but I like how the girl in it does one dance every day for thirty days. Looks pretty. Anyway see what you think.

Its winter/autumn but I'm feeling more like spring.

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