Thursday, July 7, 2011

the sun has fallen for the day


resurrection by koniksalami \\ Blossoms by RRosiEXD  \\ greenie by koniksalami \\ Fisheye tree by RRosiEXD \\ crow by koniksalami \\ Purple by RRosiEXD \\ If you ever come back by mollasse \\ Spring Captured in a Ball by sandflower1989 \\ Givenchy Fall 2011 Collection \\ 

The Bethlehums by 

perfectnoseclub \\


Where have I been?? I'm even asking myself that. It feels like no time has past at all but it has been almost two whole months! To be fair I have been carrying on quite a bit at myfrailthoughts. Well anyway I'm back, so lets get straight to it -

Many of the industry favourites are jumping on the 'sheerness' bandwagon. I was thinking of putting up a few of Chanels but on second thought went with Givenchys, even though it is very... white. In my own opinion I felt like Chanels Fall 2011 Collection to be rather sloppy and gimmicky. And although I've never thought much of Karl Ledgerfields creativity I at least admired his concepts of structure and good design principals. 

Above I have featured works of Rosie [aka RRosiEXD] from the UK, koniksalami from Poland, mollasse from Turkey, Andreea Diana Gintaru [aka sandflower1989] from Romania, and Australia's own Mel Stringer [aka perfectnoseclub]. 

I guess winter kind of took a hold of me, not in a bad way just sort of wind-swept; I do love winter. Spring shall be returning soon which will be nice, its always nice to have flowers around. 

Sending my love in pink ribbons.

Penny xx

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